Is Rotita Legit or Scam? (Review 2019)

Rotita scam

Rotita is regarded as a global internet destination that offers a number of exciting as well as edgy fashion apparel. They claim to be the one-stop Mecca for fans of sank accessories and trend apparel. This will be examined in this review.

Yes, Rotita is legit. It is not a scam because they have positive feedback all over the Internet. And they will never steal your money or credit card details.

Rotita also claims to offer free shipping on all the items available on the store and that buyers would enjoy the cutting-edge retail fashion which is head of the curve all at wholesale prices.

Are they really this good? Does Rotita really sell quality dresses? Is the shipping free? Do they ship exactly what you ordered from the stores? All these questions and many more will be answered in the Rotita review.

This Rotita review will also examine Rotita to know if they actually offer all their promises and also to verify how legitimate they are.

What is Rotita?

Rotita is an online store that offers different kinds of clothing and fashion apparel to young ladies. provides women clothes, women shoes, jewellery, men’s clothing, hot lingerie, leggings, pumps, handbags bustiers corsets at the best prices providing worldwide.

Is Rotita Legit?

Rotita is a legitimate fashion store without a doubt. In our Rotita investigation, we discovered that Rotita is rated as one of the best places to buy quality fashion items. Not only that, all the scam review websites have very positive feedback about the fashion store.

Note: But recently they have been a series of negative feedback about Rotita. More of the customers complained that the quality of Rotita has dropped drastically. And that Rotita does not ship exactly what is on the show in the store. That most of the dresses on the show are not what you get when your ordered item finally arrived.

Although many of the customers claimed to get their money refunded, a number of others complained of not been refunded. While some said that the returned items shipping fee were deducted from their money. And that it takes time for the shipping items to arrive as well as a long delay in refunds.

Below are the snapshots of Rotita rating on all the scam investigating websites we visited online:

A snapshot from

In the Rotita feedback, we found on, we discovered that the total number of customers that reviewed Rotita is 4315. Out of this number, 1738 who are satisfied with the Rotia gave them the maximum 5 stars each. And 2185 customers who are not satisfied gave Rotita only one star. 241 customers who think Rotita is good but not perfect gave them 4 stars each which are a positive review too. 55 customers game Rotita 3 stars which is a little bit above average. While 96 customers gave Rotita 2 star which is poor.

A snapshot from

On, you could see that there are 3026 customers that reviewed Rotita. 43 per cent says that Rotita is excellent, 40 per cent says that Rotita is bad, 12 per cent says that Rotita is great, 3 per cent says they are average while 3 per cent say they are poor.

Rotita Snapshot from

At, the number of customers who gave feedback is 464, as of writing this Rotita review. 69.2 per cent of the customers complained that Rotita is a bad fashion store. 15 per cent said it is an excellent store, 7.7 per cent said that Rotita is good while 7.7 per cent also said that Rotita is poor.

Rotita Snapshot from

At, we found out that the whole 26 customers complained that Rotita is very poor.

Rotita review Snapshot from

And finally, at, out all the 489 customers that reviewed Rotita said the fashion is a good place to be. That is, they had a very good experience with Rotita.


Rotita is a legitimate fashion store. It is not a scam. It is a very popular online store which is why there are so many good as well as a bad experience with the store. And based on the stats on this Rotita review, 70% perfect of it customers had a very good experience with Rotita while the rest have a bad experience.

Although 40 per cent of bad feedback is enough to turn people off. If you don’t mind about the stats and feel like giving Rotita a try, we wish you good luck!

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