Is Ignition Casino Legit

Is Ignition Casino Legit or Scam? (Review 2020)

Yes, Ignition Casino is legit. It is not a scam because it always pays players without a problem. There are other important things about the casino that we discovered below you must know.

Ignition Casino comes with a flaming dice logo, and says it is an online casino “where the action is at its hottest”. This suggests that it is a very attractive online casino that delivers excellent gaming experience.  The question is whether this is just some clever advertisement, or whether Ignition Casino is really the go-to destination for excellent online casino gaming action.

That is, does Ignition Casino offer super entertaining games? Does it have enticing bonus offerings? Does it offer excellent service that we’ll expect of the ideal online casino (such as easy game-play, fast and easy deposits and withdrawals, effective customer support, etc)? In the first place, is it a legit online casino where you can have winning hands and get paid?

This review will examine Ignition Casino in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

Ignition Casino – About

The basic things about Ignition Casino that this part of the review will examine include its background, licensing and certification information, and operating record. It will conclude by answering the all-important legit question.


Ignition Casino was launched in 2016. This makes it a relatively young casino. Ignition Casino knows that newness does not inspire confidence in the industry; so it is quick to add that its roots can be traced farther back.

It is operated by Lynton Limited, which is the same operator responsible for the Bodog brands. It also operates other online casinos like Bovada,, Joe Fortune Casino, and Café Casino. Bodog, for example, is an old-timer in the industry and is arguably the biggest brand not just in the casino industry but in the gambling industry as a whole. Thus, Lynton Limited is vastly experienced as a long time player. That is why Ignition Casino can say its roots can be traced beyond 2016.

Ignition Casino can be found here: The website comes with a sleek and simple design. The website is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Ignition Casino comes with a “speed racing” theme. Its name says as much. Advertising as an online gaming destination that serves full-throttle action and adrenaline-fueled game-play, it can only be promising the hottest gaming action. Its logo is even a flaming dice.


Many online casinos post-audit seals from established casino auditors (game testing labs). Such seals certify that the casino offers fair gaming. That is, that every player in the casino has a chance of having winnings. Unfortunately, Ignition Casino does not post any third-party audit seal in its website. Being certified fair is a source of great pride; thus, the absence of audit seals in Ignition Casino can only mean that it has not submitted itself to such audits and is not certified.

While that does not make for great reading, it does not automatically mean that the casino is not fair. In fact, there’s no doubt that Ignition Casino offers fair gaming. This is because the softwares that power the casino have themselves been certified by some of the best casino auditors. Also, the very games featured in Ignition Casino are featured in many certified online casinos.


Ignition Casino is currently self-regulated. This means that it currently does not have any official license. Should this cause you to worry? Yes and No.

Like every other license, a gaming license tells us that a casino has submitted itself to a licensing jurisdiction and that the licensing jurisdiction has done some preliminary checks and found it worthy of providing gaming services. That is, a license certifies that the casino meets certain operating standards.

Licensing jurisdictions also act as regulators, who monitor the activities of casinos holding their licenses. Thus, ensuring that the casino continues to operate fairly and pay. Thus, there may be some worry that Ignition Casino currently does not have an official license; because it means that the casino is not under the oversight of any regulator. That is, its players cannot get the player protection that well-regulated casinos give.

However, the absence of an official license may not cause worries because it doesn’t mean that the casino does not meet and operate to high standards. In fact, Ignition Casino was licensed by the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. This is one of the most reputable casino regulators in the business.

The casino met the stringent requirements of the commission in obtaining its license and continued to meet its high standards in their short association together. Ignition Casino relinquished its license late in 2016 when the Kahnawake Gambling Commission decided against backing operators that accepted US players. Being a US-facing site, Ignition Casino had no choice, but to let go of the license.

Thus, you’ll still see some online reviews saying that (albeit wrongly) that Ignition Casino is licensed by the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. However, though now self-regulated, its operating record shows that Ignition Casino continues as a reliable online casino.

Operating Record

Ignition Casino has only been around for about 4 years, but is that time it has made a lot of winners. A simple online search will show you many winners of the casino in online platforms not associated with it. Many such winners post payment proofs.

Is Ignition Casino legit?

Yes, Ignition Casino has not been around for very long; and it not having third party audit seals and being self-regulated may not inspire confidence. However, it still comes out as a legit online casino.

  • First is its association with Lynton Limited and the Bodog brand. Lynton Ltd is a 100% legal and very reliable casino operator, while Bodog is arguably the biggest name in the industry. Suffice it to say that these brands will not be associated with a scam online casino. Also, the other online casinos operated by Lynton Limited are all legit sites; and it is unlikely that Ignition Casino will not follow the legit track of these sister sites of it.
  • Second is its operating record. As mentioned earlier, winners and payment proofs of Ignition Casino abound, so there is no doubt that the casino pays. This stamps it that Ignition Casino is legit. This is because the scam online casinos are set up to rip off players and so they do the very opposite of paying.

Is Ignition Casino safe?

To use an online casino, you’ll have to share sensitive information like personal information and credit card information. Online scammers will dance to the moon if they get their hands on such data. Thus, the ideal online casino should employ tough security measures to ensure that players’ data is safely protected, and not allowed to leak out.

Ignition Casino ticks this box. It employs SSL (secure sockets layer) technology. This is the industry standard digital security measure. SSL funnels data being transmitted through a private channel ensuring that it cannot be intercepted; and it employs high-level encryption (128 bit) ensuring that even if intercepted, the data cannot be read. With this bank-grade SSL technology used, there is no doubt that Ignition Casino is safe.

Who can play in Ignition Casino?

Like many of its sister sites, Ignition Casino is a US-friendly online casino, which means that it accepts US players. However, players from the four US States are not accepted; these are Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), New Jersey (NJ) and Nevada (NV). At a time when many online casinos are exiting the US, it is always good to see a US-friendly online casino.

However, in a very unusual move, it seems that Ignition Casino is strictly for the US market. That is, that it does not accept players from other countries of the world.

About Ignition Casino – Ratings and Summary

Ignition Casino scores 3.5/ 5.0 in this section.

Being operated by the reliable Lynton Ltd, and associated with the robust Bodog brand scores Ignition Casino many points. But it helps its case with a strong operating record. There have been many winners (meaning it is a fair online casino), and there are payment proofs (meaning it pays). However, the casino misses out on the perfect rating because there is no official license as well as third party audit seals.

Operated by the 100% legal and reliable Lynton Limited
Sister site of Bodog and some other legit online casinos
Has consistently recorded winners; and there are payment proofs as evidence of paying winners
Accepts US players
X Launched in 2016, so it is relatively young in the industry
X Currently does not have an official license, so it is self-regulated
X Does not post any audit seal/ certificates

Casino Games

Many casinos project their entertainment value, and Ignition Casino does exactly that when it promises “full-throttle action and adrenaline-fueled game-play”. However, casinos will have no entertainment value without their games. Thus, this part of the review examines the gaming provisions of Ignition Casino. Specifically, we’ll examine the software provider of the casino, its game selection, and more.

Software Provider

Ignition Casino is powered by multiple software providers, which includes RealTime Gaming, Rival Gaming, Genesis Gaming, and Betsoft. Some of these are very best names in the industry in terms of game developers. For example, you cannot talk about 3D slots without referencing Betsoft; they have the best 3D cinematic technology.

Also, you cannot talk about i-slots without reference to Rival Gaming; the game studio is the pioneer and the leader of the innovative slot series, which incorporates a story that unfolds as the game progresses. Also, RealTime Gaming is one of the oldest game providers, and their Real Series is one of a kind.

Thus, Ignition Casino is powered by the very best. The implication of this is that the casino provides games of the highest quality. Whatever top quality effect you want in online casino games, you’ll find; from sharp graphics to realistic animations, to emotive sound effect, to smooth game-play, and more.

Note that if Ignition Casino was powered by any one of these game studios, it will still boast of high-quality games. Thus, being powered by multiple game providers does more than giving the casino high-quality games. It also means that the casino can offer players a variety of gaming software experiences. As mentioned, gaming software is differentiated because different game developers excel in different aspects of software development. With a number of game platforms in an online casino, players can enjoy the shining points of many gaming software.

Casino Versions

Casino version is simply the mode f play that the casino avails. Search as w may, we couldn’t find any link to download the casino software. Thus, Ignition Casino is a Flash Casino, where you can only play games directly online using web browsers.

Where download is available, Instant Play is usually hugely demanded because of its many benefits. Instant Play does not require download, so: (i) it is the only option for Mac users who cannot download the casino software (ii) it is the only option for players who don’t want casino software in their device (iii) it allows playing casino games from different devices. Thus, not many players will be overly concerned that Ignition Casino is a solely Instant Play Casino.

However, there are a few players strongly biased to the Download mode of play. For one thing, in-browser gaming can easily be disrupted if the internet connection is weak; but that is not the case with the Download mode of play. Thus, some players will want to have the “download” choice available.

Mobile Compatibility

Ignition Casino has moved with the times and is a mobile-friendly casino. This means that it works well in popular mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry). So you can play casino games from your smartphones and tablets.

The gaming freedom that mobile gaming provides is limitless. Because of the portability of mobile devices, they follow users everywhere. Thus, mobile gaming will be the only option in many situations where a computer will not be available or cannot conveniently be operated. This will include when on the go.

That said, no matter where you are, as long as you can operate your mobile device, you can fire up Ignition Casino, put your key in the ignition, rev up your engines, and enjoy a high-intensity casino gaming drive.

Number of Games

Ignition Casino has about 300 online casino games. Granted, many will see this as a relatively small number of games, because there are online casinos with over a thousand games.

However, unlike many of the leaders (in terms of game numbers), Ignition Casino does not provide very many similar games just to bump up its numbers. You’ll find that its games are different, with each you giving you a unique experience. Thus, many players will find about 300 games of Ignition Casino very enough.

Game Variety

It won’t make sense that all 300+ games of Ignition Casino are one game type because players have different preferences. Thus, the ideal online casino should provide a wide variety of entertaining games to cater to its different players.

Ignition Casino ticks this box, as it has every online casino game you may think of. Its selection includes Slots, Table Games, Video Pokers, Specialty Games, and even Live Dealer games.

  • Slots

Slots debuted as mechanical coin-operated machines, and they arrested players straightaway. The dazzling slots reels of today are more advanced – they feature more exciting features to be more thrilling, and more increased pay-lines for a higher chance of winning. Thus, the ideal online casino should provide a good number of these dazzlers.

Ignition Casino does not disappoint in this regards. It has over 210 online slots; so as it is in virtually every online casino, slots are the dominant games.

There are dozens of 3 reel slots for those who prefer to keep the online slot experience as close to the traditional slot machine as possible. These include titles like: Five Times Wins, Chicken Little, Snow Wonder, Diamond Dazzle, Fantastic Fruit, Firestorm 7, Surf Paradise, etc. In addition, there is an almost an overwhelming number of 5 reel slots for those who want more elaborate storylines. These include titles like: Reign of Gnomes, Fast & Sexy, 8 Lucky Charms, Caesar’s Triumph, Ares, Arabian Tales, Panda Party, Aussie Rules, Whale O’ Winnings, Wild Carnival, A Night With Cleo, Reel Crime, etc.

One interesting thing with Slots is the themes/ storylines. We all have something that we relate to; slots at Ignition Casino have it all. Themes available include Greek mythology, Historical, Archeology, Cultural, Western, Adventure, Time Travel, Space, Fantasy, Mystic, Sports, Horticultural, Animal, Jungle, Super Hero, Horror, Adult Content, and more. So the casino will arrest you no matter what you relate to.

  • Table Games

To Hollywood (and many casino patrons) the main casino games are the classic table games. So the ideal online casino should have a strong collection of these classics. Ignition Casino does not disappoint here, as it gives you everything you can ask for here. Its table games are grouped into one of four categories: card games (not including poker), poker games, dice games, and roulette

Its “card games” is led by Blackjack. The many versions of the game of 21 that it provides include two single-deck games, one double deck, two basic six deck, European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, and Zappit Blackjack. Baccarat and Vegas Three Card Rummy complete the non-poker card games of Ignition Casino.

If you are a Poker fan, Ignition Casino should be a go-to destination. It has a separate Poker section. The strong Poker section avails exciting features such as Quick Seats, Anonymous Tables, Zone Poker, and more. You’ll also find many Poker bonuses as well as Poker tournaments. The poker-inspired table games you’ll find include Caribbean Hold’Em, Caribbean Stud, Tri Card Poker, Let ‘Em Ride, and Pai Gow Poker.

The dice games of Ignition include Craps and Roll The Dice; and fans of the wheel will find two versions of Roulette – American Roulette and European Roulette.

  • Video Pokers

Video pokers give you “the best of two worlds”. Combining poker which is the most popular card game and video slot which is the most popular casino game; Video pokers gives poker fans the ease and thrills of slot machines while giving slot fans the skill element behind poker. Thus, the ideal online casino should provide these genius combos. Ignition Casino is strong in this regards.

Its strong Video Poker collection includes Loose Deuces, Deuces Wild, Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Jackpot Poker, Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Double Bonus Poker, and Double Double Jackpot Poker. You’ll find “Joker Poker” and “Jacks or Better” in single-hand and multi-hand variants.

  • Specialty Games

The regular games (slots, table games, and video pokers) are considered casino staples; but online casinos usually have a lot more in order to cater to those who do not gravitate towards the regular games. These games come under the specialty games category.

Ignition Casino has a very robust specialty games category. With its over two dozen specialty games you’ll be hard-pressed to find an online casino offering the same level of variety and creativity when it comes to specialty game. Its collection spans dozens of different games of chance covering several base game groups – including bingo, keno, roulette, scratch cards, dice games, and jackpot games. Some of the titles are Sudoku Box Game, Tiki Treasure, Beach Bums, Gunslinger’s Gold, Penguin PayDay, Go-Go Bingo, Amazonia Bingo, and more.

Are there Live Dealer Games?

With Live Dealer Games, it is virtually like you are in the floor of a brick and mortar casino, so you get the real casino experience complete with social interaction. This is possible because the games are operated in the floor of a real casino by human dealers; while you get the live-action via advanced video streaming along with an interface that will allow participation.

Thus, Live Dealer games is a step ahead of the regular online casino games, and for any online casino promising the real thing, live dealer games is a must-have. Thankfully, Ignition Casino provides a number of Live Dealer games. It gives you Live Blackjack, Live European Roulette, Live American Roulette, Live Baccarat, and Live Dealer Super 6.

What about jackpots?

The jackpots are responsible for the huge wins that every casino player dreams of. The sweetest of the jackpots are the progressive jackpots. These jackpots receive a contribution from every bet on the game, so the jackpot increases every time the game is played but not won. Thus, the top progressives reach hundreds of thousands and millions. They said; the ideal online casino should provide many of these money bags.

Ignition Casino does well in this regards. It has over 30 progressive jackpots; which range in size from small to medium to massive.

The small progressives have 4 figure jackpots and include titles like Aztec Treasure, Fruit Frenzy, Bulletproof Babes, Birds of Fury, Cleopatra’s Gold, Desert Kingdom, and more. The medium-size progressives have 5 figure jackpots and include titles like Dragons, Gold Rush Gus, Major Moolah, A Night With Cleo, and more. The massive progressives have 6 and 7 figure jackpots and include titles like 777 Deluxe, Cyberpunk City, Money Magic, Shopping Spree, Super Diamond Mine, and more. With these progressives, you can change your fortunes with a single spin.

Can you try out games?

Ignition Casino also comes equipped with the “practice play” mode. After narrowing down a game, you may launch it in Real Play or Practice Play mode. If you want to try out the game without committing your real money, you may go for the latter (practice play). This is a good option to have given that new games are added all the time, or that you may want to play games without staking real money.

You can use practice play to play games at any time. Just like losses while using practice mode are not real losses, winnings are also not “real” and cannot be withdrawn. When you try out games using practice, and decide you are ready for it, you can then switch to Real Play mode and play for real money.

Casino Games – Ratings and Summary

Ignition Casino scores 4.5/ 5.0 in the Casino Games category.

Ignition Casino says it is “where the action is at its hottest”, and it sure provides super entertaining games. It gets maximum points for casino software, as it is powered by top gaming providers like Rival, RTG, and others. Being a multi-platform casino also means it gives a variety of experiences. Instant Play and mobile gaming give gaming flexibility. It scores maximum points for game variety. It has everything (including live dealer games) so no matter what you play, you’ll an exciting game. We duck some points because a number of games is a tad low, and especially because we couldn’t find the download mode of play.

High-quality games are guaranteed as it is powered by top gaming providers like RTG, Rival Gaming, Genesis, and Betsoft
Offers a variety of experience
Allows in-browser play
Mobile gaming is supported
Provides a wide variety of games that includes slots, table games, video pokers, and specialty games
Provides Live dealer games
Provides a number of progressive jackpot games
Supports practice mode for trying out games without committing real money
X Download mode of play is not available
X Number of games is 300, which is relatively small


The ideal online casino should richly reward its new and old players alike with a host of bonuses. In this regards, Ignition Casino says it has “out-of-control promotions and offers” with which you can rev up the action. These include: welcome bonuses, weekly reload bonuses, referral bonus, special Poker bonuses, and a VIP program.

Welcome Bonus

If you need an extra reason to join Ignition Casino, it is that you’ll find a range of sumptuous welcome bonuses.

The main casino welcome bonus is a 100% match of your first deposit up to $1,000. There’s no doubt that $1,000 is relatively huge bonus money. Apart from its relatively big size, another thing to like about the bonus is its big match percentage. Being a 100% match bonus, you won’t have to pay more to get the bonus. To claim the full $1,000 bonus, you’ll need a deposit of $1,000. 

If you are a high roller, Ignition Casino welcomes you with a better offer. For every first deposit of $150 and above, the welcome bonus is 150% match up to $1,500. Not only is the maximum bonus bigger, the 150% match percentage means that you get a bigger bang for your buck. So to claim the full $1,500 bonus, you’ll need a deposit of only $1,000.

Ignition Casino is one of the online casinos that have embraced the cryptocurrencies. Not only does it support Bitcoin, it has special Bitcoin offers; and one of such is the Bitcoin welcome bonus.  If your first deposit will be with Bitcoin, you can get an even better welcome. The Bitcoin welcome bonus is 200% match up to $2,000. Given the massive match percentage of the bonus, getting the full $2,000 bonus will also require a deposit of only $1,000.

Welcome Bonus Deposit amount Bonus
Regular Casino Welcome Bonus Less than $150 100% match up to $1,000
High Roller Casino Welcome Bonus $150 and more 150% match up to $1,500
Bitcoin Welcome Bonus Any amount 200% match up to $2,000

However, the welcome bonuses are subject to a 25x play-through of the bonus + deposit. That is, after claiming the casino welcome bonus, before you’ll be allowed to make withdrawals, you must roll over the “bonus amount + deposit amount” 25 times.

So if you deposit $1,000 to claim the full $1,000 welcome bonus; you’ll have to wager $50,000 to be cleared for withdrawals. This is calculated: 25 X ($1,000 + $1,000). If you deposit $1,000 to claim the full $1,500 high rollers welcome bonus; to be cleared for withdrawals, you’ll have to wager $62,500. This is calculated: 25 X ($1,500 + $1,000). Also, if you deposit $1,000 to claim the full $2,000 bitcoin welcome bonus; to be cleared for withdrawals, you’ll have to wager $75,000.

Having to wager a minimum of $50,000, $62,500, or $75,000 so as to clear a bonus received from a $1,000 deposit is not very appealing. But this is the cross you’ll have to bear if you redeem the welcome bonus of Ignition Casino, as the bonus wagering requirement is relatively high. In comparison, what to us is the industry standard is 20x play-through of bonus + deposit.

As mentioned earlier, Ignition Casino has a well-developed poker section; and they have a separate Poker Welcome Bonus to reflect this. If you’ll be playing poker, you can take advantage of this bonus. It is 100% match up to $1,000. With its 100% matching, claiming the full $1,000 bonus requires a deposit of $1,000. However, if you’ll make that first deposit with bitcoin, you’ll get a better offer. The Bitcoin Poker Welcome Offer is 125% match up to $1,250. With its 125% matching, claiming the full $1,250 bonus requires only $1000.

Poker Welcome Bonus 100% match up to $1,000
Bitcoin Poker Welcome Bonus 125% match up to $1,250

The Poker Welcome Bonus differs from the regular bonuses in that after claiming it you’ll not have the bonus money in your bonus balance. You’ll have to unlock it in $5 increments for every 150 Ignition Miles that you earn as you play casino games. However, the beauty of the Poker Welcome Bonus is that wagering requirements do not apply.

The Weekly Boost

After the welcome gift, you’ll want to find more bonuses if the house is to remain rewarding for you. In this regards, Ignition Casino says “unlike many sites out there today that stop with a welcome package, [its] bonuses are offered so often that you’ll find a full-fledged dashboard to track and monitor the flow of extra funds”.

One of such is the Weekly Boost bonus. The offer is 100% match bonus up to $100. The promo runs each week; so with this offer you can get up to $100 once a week for simply making a deposit any day of the week.

Poker Bonuses

Having a full Poker Suite, Ignition Casino also has some poker bonuses. For example, when playing the hugely popular Texas Hold’em Poker, you’ll find the Royal Flush Bonus and the Bad Bet Bonus. The Royal Flush Bonus gifts you 50x the game’s big blind up to $200. The Bad Beat Bonus can help you shake off a bad bet; it gifts you 100% of the big blind up to $1,000. Interestingly, these bonuses are free of roll-over requirements.

Ignition Casino also runs a weekly $2,500 Poker Free-roll tournament. Being a free-roll tournament means that there is no buy-in; it is completely free to join. However, to get a free entry, you’ll have to a Chrome member and above (more on membership levels later). If you’re ineligible; the casino always has 2 free tickets up for grabs. Tournaments participants are capped at 7,000. The fun-filled tournament begins every Thursday night at 9:05pm; so play your way to the $2,500 prize pool.

Referral Bonus

Ignition Casino allows you to get free money if you get others to join and play in the casino. It has a referral commission which is 200% of your referral’s first deposit up to $100. You can refer as many persons as possible, and for each, you can get up to $100 when they make their first deposit. However, to claim this bonus, you’ll have to have made a deposit of at least $20 in the casino.

In addition to the 200% referral bonus, you’ll get an extra $25 bonus if the referred person’s first deposit is with Bitcoin and up to $20.

Ignition Rewards Program

As with many online casinos in the industry, Ignition Casino runs a loyalty program that rewards you for your continued stay in the casino. The reward program is tiered. Each level gives access to a unique set of cool benefits; with each higher level giving more. With every hand played and wager placed in Ignition Casino, you earn Tier Miles and Ignition Miles. The Tier Miles help you climb through the 8 levels of the program. While the Ignition Miles are reward points that you can convert to cold hard cash.

Level Required Tier Miles Ignition Miles for $1 Cash bonus Daily Cash-back Participation in Poker free-roll tournament Birthday Bonus
Steel 0 2,500 miles 6%
Chrome 2,500 2,250 miles 7%
Bronze 10,000 2,000 miles 8%
Silver 60,000 1,750 miles 9%
Gold 150,000 1,500 miles 10%
Platinum 500,000 1,250 miles 11%
Titanium 1,000,000 1,000 miles 12%
Diamond 2,500,000 1,000 miles 15%

All new players are started at the Steel level as that requires zero Tier Points. As the table shows, the main benefits of the loyalty program are higher cash bonus conversion rate and more daily cash-back bonus. From the Chrome level and above, you are eligible to participate in the weekly $2,500 Poker Free-roll tournament; and from the Platinum level and above, you are eligible to receive exclusive birthday bonuses.

One of the strong points of the Ignition Casino loyalty program is that you cannot lose your level once you have attained it. In many other online casinos, you’ll have to meet some wagering requirement or drop down a level, but in Ignition Casino, once in a Reward Level, you can only climb up. However, in our opinion, this loyalty program of Ignition Casino is still weak. The loyalty programs of many other online casinos feature daily and weekly match bonuses.

Other Bonus Conditions

To reach wagering requirement as fast as possible, you’ll want the games in the casino to have a high contribution to wagering. It is not always the class, so before redeeming a bonus in any, you need to consider how games in the casino contribute to wagering.

In this regards, Ignition Casino is quite unique in that games contribute differently to wagering when playing through the welcome bonus, and when playing through other bonuses. The contributing percentages of its games are as follows:

Games % Contribution when playing through Welcome Bonuses % Contribution when playing through other bonuses
Slots & Specialty Games 100% 100%
Table Games (unless stated otherwise) 20% 60%
Video Pokers & Blackjack (unless stated otherwise) 10% 30%
Single Deck & Double Deck Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat 5% 5%
Craps & Live Dealer games 0% 0%

You’ll notice that the video pokers and Blackjacks have low contribution when playing through the welcome bonus than when playing through other deposit bonuses. However, on the whole, the contribution of games (especially other bonuses) is relatively better than you’ll find in many other online casinos.

Thus, in Ignition Casino, you get more bang for your buck when rolling over a bonus; and it’ll be relatively easier to meet wagering requirement and be cleared for withdrawals. The only problem exceptions are Craps and Live Dealer games. In Ignition Casino, these games do not count towards wagering; but in many other casinos, they count.

Promotions – Ratings and Summary

Ignition Casino scores 4.0/ 5.0 in the Promotions category.

There are many opportunities to grab extra cash for free plays. The welcome offers are fine; and there’s the Weekly Boost as a reload bonus. However, we knock off some points because the casino can do with more reload bonuses; having only the Weekly Boost (that gives $100 per week) does not make for good reading. There’s also a good VIP program; but we also knock off some points here because it is relatively weak – it can do with more benefits.

Offers attractive welcome bonuses. Primarily – 100% up to $1,000
Appreciates high rollers with an improved welcome bonus,150% up to $1,500
Offers an improved welcome bonus if first deposit is with Bitcoin (200% up to $2,000)
There’s a reload bonus (100% up to $100 Weekly Boost)
Offers a VIP loyalty program
X Reload bonuses are limited
X VIP program is weak
X Wagering Requirement of the welcome bonuses (25x bonus + deposit) is relatively high
X Live Dealer games do not count towards meeting wagering requirement


The ideal online casino should be all-round goodness. This part of Ignition Casino review examines whether the casino is that bottle of goodness in the banking department. That is, it checks whether Ignition Casino provides easy and fast deposits and withdrawals.


Playing in any online casino requires depositing real money into your casino account. When you have to make deposits, you’ll want an easy process powered by a range of deposit options; you’ll also want friendly deposit limits and fast processing of transactions. How Ignition Casino fares is summarized as below:

Deposit Option Min Deposit Max Deposit Processing Time
Visa/ MasterCard $20 $1,500 Instant
Voucher $10 $3,000 Instant
Bitcoin/ Bitcoin Cash $10 $5,000 Instant
  • Deposit Process

The deposit process of Ignition Casino is definitely easy-breezy. Simply open your account and click the profile icon at the top of the screen; then click “deposit” to open up the list of available options; choose the method that suits you, and enter the amount you wish to deposit (click “choose a bonus” if you wish to look at the bonuses that you can redeem); then click the “Deposit button.

  • Deposit Options

However, the deposit options available are limited. Only Visa, Mastercard, Vouchers, and crypto options are supported. However, this is understandably so for US-facing casinos, as not many payment processors accept US traffic. However, we were pleased to find that crypto options (Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash) are available.

  • Deposit Limits

In terms of deposit limits, Ignition Casino can definitely do better. Using the vastly popular credit card options as a reference, its minimum deposit option is $20; and its maximum deposit option is $1,500. Minimum deposits that players are allowed to make should be as low as possible so that players with low budgets can still meet deposit requirement.

However, the $20 minimum deposit that Ignition Casino requires is a bit on the high; as there are many online casinos that require a minimum of half of that ($10). At the other end, the maximum deposits that players are allowed to make should be as high as possible so that high rollers can deposit the large amounts that their large bets will require. However, the $1,500 maximum deposit amount of Ignition Casino is a bit on the low. Even online casinos that allow maximum deposits of $2,000 are still thought of as having a low maximum deposit amount.

  • Deposit Fees

It also does not help that fees apply when making a deposit in Ignition Casino. On the deposit page (below the enter amount), you’ll find the applicable fee, which is always 5.9% or higher depending in the card used. It is only Bitcoin deposit transactions that are free.

  • Deposit Processing Time

However, deposit transactions are promptly processed. This means that deposited funds will immediately appear in your casino account; so immediately after your deposit, you’ll have the funds available for gaming.


In any legit online casino, you should be able to withdraw winnings from your casino account. When you have to cash out, you’ll want an easy process powered by a range of withdrawal options; you’ll also want friendly withdrawal limits and fast payouts. How Ignition Casino fares in terms of cash-out is summarized as below:

Withdrawal Options Min Withdrawal Max Withdrawal Frequency Payout Speed
Check by Courier $100 $3,000 1 per 7 days up to 10 working days
Voucher $10 $3,000 No Limit At least 5 working days
Bitcoin/ Bitcoin Cash $10 $9,500 1 per 3 days 15 minutes
  • Withdrawal Process

In many online platforms, putting in money is easy, but getting money out is difficult. However, being a legit online casino, it is different with Ignition Casino. The withdrawal process is similar to and as easy as the deposit process. Simply log into your account and click the profile icon at the top of the screen; then click on withdraw to open the withdrawal options; click your chosen method of payment from the available list, enter your desired amount and any required information; and click “request withdrawal”.

  • Withdrawal Options

However, the cash-out options of Ignition Casino are also very limited. You can only get paid via Courier Check, Voucher, and two crypto options (BTC and BCH). Know that the banking page of the website also mentions Wire Transfer, but there is no other information given about it.

  • Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawal limits also apply; and in our opinion, Ignition Casino can do better in this area. Courier Check will be the popular choice; and using this as the reference, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 while the maximum withdrawal amount is $3,000. The minimum that players are allowed to withdraw should be as low as possible so that players will not have to build a large balance before they can cash-out.

However, the $100 minimum withdrawal of Ignition Casino is a bit on the high; especially as there are casinos with $50 minimum withdrawal amount. At the other end, the maximum that players are allowed to withdraw should be as high a possible so that layers with a high balance can withdraw everything without fuss.

However, the $3,000 maximum withdrawal of Ignition Casino is a bit on the low. Even online casinos that allow maximum withdrawals of $4,000 are still thought of as having a low maximum withdrawal amount. Limited to withdrawing $3,000 at a time, it’ll take a long time to withdraw a large balance. For example, withdrawing $10,000 will easily take over a month.

  • Withdrawal Fees

Except you cash out using Bitcoin, fees apply when withdrawing from Ignition Casino. The banking page advertises applicable fees as: $100 per withdrawal for Check; and $25 per withdrawal for Visa Fast Funds and Debit Card. We don’t know if this is some error (and hope so) because the advertised fees are freaky high.

  • Payout Speed

Payout speed is one of the most important cash-out considerations. Even a legit casino that pays must pay promptly for it to be highly rated. Ignition Casino promises fast payouts. In its words: “Not only are our payouts 100% secure and safe, but they’re also incredibly fast. Based on your choice of payment method, you can receive your payouts anywhere between 5 – 10 business days— that’s right, that fast. You can also pick Bitcoin, which is free, and get your money within 72 hours”.

However, to be honest, when we first saw Ignition saying one reason players should choose it is its super-fast payouts, we expected something faster than 5 – 10 business days.

In our opinion, this is not fast enough; especially considering that many online casinos pay faster. However, to be fair to Ignition Casino, casinos going faster than it’s advertised 5 – 10 business days support e-Wallet options. If you want such super-fast payment from Ignition, you’ll have to use Bitcoin.

Promotions – Ratings and Summary

Ignition Casino scores 3.0/ 5.0 in the Banking category.

Deposit and withdrawal process is easy. Yes, the supported deposit and withdrawal options are limited, but you really cannot expect more from a US-facing online casino.

However, the available options will satisfy players. We think the limits are not so friendly; the minimum deposit limits could be lower, and the maximum withdrawal limits could be higher. We didn’t like that fees apply to deposits, and the high fees we saw for withdrawals will be hard to justify. Lastly, payouts are not as fast as Ignition Casino will make them sound.

Deposit and withdrawal process is relatively easy
Bitcoin is supported for both deposits and withdrawals
Deposits are instantly processed
Bitcoin transactions (Deposits and withdrawals) are free
X Deposit and withdrawal options are limited (ewallets and bank transfer services are not supported)
X Minimum deposit amount is relatively high, so players with very low budgets may have to look elsewhere
X Maximum deposit withdrawal is relatively low, so withdrawing a large balance will take a long time
X Fees apply to both deposits and withdrawals; with the fees of the latter relatively high
X Payouts take 5 – 10 business days, which is not faster enough

Customer Support Service

No matter what is put in place in the running of online service, there’ll be customers that will still need issues. Others may just have questions. Thus, the ideal online casino must have an effective customer support service always ready to help customers.

Ignition Casino does very well in this regards. If all you need is answers to question, you may check out the “Help centre” in its website. It holds short articles that treat many questions. To aid navigation; these are arranged by subjects as follows: Casino, Live Dealer, Poker, Bitcoin, Voucher, Financial, Bonuses, and Account and Security. Each of the subject areas has sub-divisions.

For example, in “Financial”, you’ll find Deposits and Withdrawals as sub-divisions; and relevant questions are treated under these. Thus, the Help Center functions as a very detailed FAQ. There is also a Video Library section, which features a lot of support videos that you can watch. There are many videos treating different subjects.

For example, in the financial area you’ll find videos for “how to make a deposit”, “how to request a withdrawal”, and “how to deposit with cryptocurrency”. In the bonuses area, you’ll find videos for “how to claim a bonus”, how to track roll-over”, and more.

If you’ll want to directly contact a support agent, Ignition Casino supports an email service and a telephone service. You can send your support emails to For the telephone service; simply call: 1-855-370-0600.

The customer support service is available round the clock (24/7). So you can get help at any time of the day, and any day of the week. It does not matter that it is midnight on Christmas Eve, if you put a call through, you’ll reach an agent. The email service also has a very fast response time. You’ll get a response to support emails within a day. In fact, may time, responses are received within an hour or in just a few hours. More importantly, the response obtained is, most often than not, very helpful.

Customer Support Service – Ratings and Summary

Ignition Casino scores 5.0/ 5.0 in the Customer Support category.

There’s a very detailed Help Center with many support videos. And for contact help, you can reach the casino via email and telephone. Email response time is very fast; sometimes within a few minutes. The phone service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a years. Most importantly, response obtained is usually very helpful.

A very detailed FAQ is available for self-help
Lots of support videos are available in the Video Library
Direct help is provided via email and telephone service
Email response is very fast
Telephone service is available round the clock
Responses received is usually very helpful
X Live Chat is not available


Using a speed racing theme, Ignition Casino promises to get your adrenaline pumping as you dive right into high-intensity gaming. Drawing high-quality games from many excellent game developers, it delivers on its promise.

Should you join Ignition Casino?

Ignition Casino is a legit online casino – winning is possible, and it pays. More so, the gaming experience is excellent, promotions are fine, deposits and withdrawals are easy, and customer support is excellent. There aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t join. At this time, we recommend Ignition Casino.

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