Offernation Scam

Is Offernation Legit or Scam? (Review 2020)

Yes, Offernation is legitimate. It is not a scam because they have been paying their members since inception. They have payment proofs all over the Internet and we have personally tested the website and got paid. Don’t take our words for it. Continue reading!

Offernation is an online reward site where you can make money by taking online surveys, completing offers, test products and services as well as referring new members. You are paid based on the payment method you choose among the available ones on the platform.

But does Offernation worth it? Can I make enough money to quit my day job? In this Offernation review, we shall answer all the questions and many more.

Offernation has been one of my favourite reward site online because it is owned and controlled by the same owner of Superpayme which happened to be my best earner currently online.

I have personally earned more than 125k since I joined Superpayme and Offernation has also earned me about 20k. This is not fake or lies. I value my reputation more than anything and will never put that into jeopardy. I will show you later in this review, the Snapshot shot of my earnings on Offernation and Superpayme to show you I am not lying. You may also ask around in the chat forum who is one of the top earners on Superpayme.

But one thing is for sure, Offernation is a legitimate reward site and will definitely pay you your money without problem. If you joined through this post and have problem with them, send me a message with your username and I will personally see that your problems are solved. But only if you did not try to game the system.

Below will go through what other members are saying about Offernation on popular review platform to know if they also have good experience with Offernation or not.

Trustpilot Offernation Reviews:

At Trustpilot, we found out that 170 members reviewed Offernation. Out of these number, 74 percent of the members rated the rewards site 5 out of 5 STARS meaning the site is EXCELLENT And 10 percent of users rated the site 4 out of 5 STARS which means GREAT. While 4 percent of members said that Offernation is AVERAGE with 3 out of 5 STARS. 4 percent said Offernation is POOR with 2 out of 5 ratings. And finally, 9 percent of the members said that Offernation is BAD with 1 out of 5 ratings. Offernation reviews:

At Offernation reviews, we found out that 197 Offernation users said that the reward site is EXCELLENT by their 5 out of 5 Stars ratings. And 32 users said that Offernation is GREAT with their 4 out of 5 Stars ratings. While 6 users said that Offernation is AVERAGE through their 3 out of 5 Stars ratings. Only 1 user said that Offernation is POOR by rating the reward site 2 out of 5 Stars. And just 2 users said that Offernation is BAD with their 1 out of 5 Stars rating.

The Screenshot of our Earnings so far on Offernation:

Below you will see our Offernation earnings since we joined. Note that most of the earnings are through referrals. So, if you are dreaming of earning this much you will have to create a blog and start promoting the site. It will take a lot of time and money but it is worth trying.

Offernation Earnings

Offernation Payment Proofs:

To further prove if Offernation is legit or scam. We searched through the internet for payment proofs. Below are some of the Offernation payment proofs we found online:

Offernation complaints and feedback:

In order to make sure that you are provided with enough information about Offernation. We also gathered all the Offernation complaints as well as its good feedback from members. Hopefully, you will be convinced by this feedback on whether to tag Offernation as a legit reward site or scam.

Offernation Complaints and Feedback

How To Earn Cash and Points with Offernation

To begin making money on Offernation, you will have to visit “Make Money” or “Offerwalls” section that is located on the homepage menu. Click on any of them and select the options that are available there. You will be able to see the paid online surveys and also offers that are available at that moment. We will advise you to examine all the areas in order to increase your earnings daily because every section has access to different kinds of paid surveys as well as offers.

Offernation always updates its offers daily so if you do not find any offer available that moment, you may check back the following day.

How To Earn Cash And Point On Offernation

Follow The Guide Carefully for all Surveys and Offers

You have to follow all the instructions for each survey provided by the advertisers. You must fill in the survey with honest answers and also complete their offer requirement from beginning to the end so as to get credited. Failure to follow the instructions accordingly will lead to disqualification and no credit.

Important Info

As you complete the survey or offer, we will advise you to keep the page that says the survey or offer is successfully completed open for some minutes in order to help you with tracking and crediting your account.

Offernation Tips:

  • Make sure to clear your cookies as soon as you have submitted an offer.
  • Set your browser to accept third-party cookies.
  • Some of the advertisers may send emails to your inbox for verification. Make sure to verify these emails in order to get credited.
  • Make sure that every offer is completed in full. Therefore, you must get to the end of the offer before you can be credited. Don’t forget the leave the success page open for some minutes like you were told earlier.

Requesting payment or redeeming your points rewards

You can be able to request for payment when you reach the minimum cash out the requirement of $1.00 through Paypal, Skrill and Bitcoin. All the payment are made instantly. You may also choose to redeem your points for Amazon Gift Cards.

Offernation Payments Methods


Offernation is a legitimate reward site. They have a lot of good feedback from members and this shows that they are not a scam. And the payment proofs also prove they actually pay their members as our earning screenshot.

So, we will recommend Offernation to you. And make sure the follow the guide and tips we provided above in order to earn more as well as get credited.

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