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Is Mybet Legit or Scam? (Review 2020)

Mybet is regarded as a bookmaker that possesses a very good standing since 2002 after springing up in the UK. The organization that is responsible for bringing this Mybet online sports betting site is called Personal Exchange International Ltd.

Which was Founded in the year 2003. Their headquarters are situated in Malta which is one of the most vital locations for sports bookmakers. This company is a subsidiary of a stock exchange listed company called Mybet Holding SE.

Their major focus, however, is the popular world of sports betting as well as in-play betting and this is really clear when you pay a visit to their website. Keep reading this MyBet review for information about bonus and customer support options.

Is Mybet legit?

The question of whether Mybet is legit or a scam will not cross your mind if you decide to try it. The entire experiences regarding Mybet clearly show that the brains behind Mybet are legit. Furthermore, Mybet has attractive betting odds and its usability for novices in sports betting novices is good. It also has a promising MyBet bonus.

The areas that you may criticise can be the deposit fees function and the in-play products. Overall, you will get really interesting Mybet experiences regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert bettor.

They have plenty of good betting odds as well as frequent top odds that are impressive for individual events. 

Deposits on the Mybet online sports betting site can be made by making use of your PayPal account. They have well-rounded bet offers for different sports types. Attention to detail was not overlooked which is evident when you try it out.

Mybet accepts players from many countries on the African continent. Every week, about 14,000 new bets are posted across a board of games, sports, matches and events. So it is not even surprising that players from various countries are attracted to this excellent online betting site.

Even though Mybet provides bets across the whole sporting spectrum, a lot of its more well-known sports include ice hockey, soccer, basketball and tennis.

Large soccer leagues found in Europe such as Germany’s Bundesliga, England’s Premier League, and Spain’s Primera Division also called (La Liga), betting lines will also be found from countries like Egypt, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa and Morocco. Keep reading this Mybet review for more information.

Value proposition

One of the largest merits of this site is its stringent security levels. They make use of outstanding security plus encryption software that is crafted with a sole purpose which is to secure all your financially, personal, and betting information and keep it protected 24/7, up to 365 days a year.

What this means is that you can relax and know that every deposit, detail, wager and withdrawals that you make will remain private. The odds, as well as the betting markets that are available at Mybet, is among the most competitive out there. You can expect to get above-average returns on bets that are successful bets which would rival many other premium online bookmakers.

This Mybet online sports betting site has been in this business for about 15 years and they have built up a gigantic base of low, medium and high-frequency bettors because they cater to every level of punters.

Soccer Betting – Available Leagues

On this site, you will see a large number of international as well as league soccer betting markets that are from different parts of the world that soccer is played and also wagered on.

This js a really good, trustworthy and even user-friendly online sportsbook which welcomes players from more countries around the world that some other sites out there. They have a nice selection of betting lines that are from all over the planet.

It is a good thing that their safety protocol is quite enough to make you have peace of mind because you are aware that your account funds, details, and betting history remain private and are protected around the clock. You will be happy to try out this betting site. It has been around for quite a while now so you don’t have to bother about longevity or whether it is a scam because it is not.

They have a reputation for granting sports betting fans both in the UK as well as the world beyond, a wide and fair range of worldwide sports betting markets plus lines. The Malta Gaming Authority licenses and regulates them. Keep reading this Mybet review for the features.

Languages that are Supported on this Mybet online sports betting site are French, English, German Turkish, Greek and Swedish.

Main features of Mybet

There are different distinguishing features of this site that elevate it from being average to being an outstanding online bookmaker. One of them is that they allow punters from a lot more countries than its counterparts.

Even in a highly competitive industry, they have managed to remain relevant and stay ahead of a lot of their rivals. This is as a result of their user-friendly site that is easy to navigate, different sports and betting lines as well as competitive odds.

This premium internet sportsbook possesses many other features which have kept it in business for more than fifteen years. For example, when it opened up to more players from around the world even more than its competitors, it shows that they are business savvy.

You will see this also in their choice of sporting events that they accept bets on, that appeal to punters according to where they live. For example, ice hockey is quite popular in the US and Canada while curling is specifically popular in Scotland as well as Canada, then rugby league is popular in Australia.

However, Rugby union appeals to bettors all over the world in different countries like Namibia, South Africa, Japan, Togo, France, Australia, New Zealand, England, Argentina, Canada, Tonga, USA, Italy etc.


This Mybet online sports betting site has a €200 welcome bonus but they do not have a pound sterling version. They have frequent promotional bonuses for their customers. They have a Newsletter that updates customers on bonuses even though that area can use some work. They do not have a collective bonus program as well as a point system like the VIP Club that is offered by Betsson.

Their customers are usually informed about their upcoming special bonuses especially for additional deposits via their newsletter. They do not have a GBP version of this bonus and this is a minus point for this excellent site. Some sports bettors say that this site can go a bit overboard with their newsletter. Continue reading this Mybet review for information about their betting odds.

Betting Odds

They have excellent odds for underdog bets and there is no focus on the importance of the actual sport of any event. They are overall good odds for every event so they have a positive rating. The tendencies among the odds key from this site are not quite easy to peruse as those of some bookmakers, because interesting odds for favourite bets, underdog bets as well as tie bets are usually found listed amongst the Mybet betting odds.

Overall, the quality of these betting odds trains their gaze on the importance of the sport of an individual event or even a league. Very enticing betting odds are, for instance, the Champions League are limited to just the European Championship as well as the World Championship games that kick off every two years. Because there are good opportunities for great odds on less popular sports types, those ones can be inconsistent so it is pretty positive so far.

Customer Service

Their customer service is quite impressive, the only thing is that the telephone customer support for their hotline does charge their customers. Their hotline is available from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. This Mybet online sports betting site has a comprehensive FAQ section as well as e-mail support.

The charging port is not really pleasing since there are times when problems and issues are best dealt with on the phone, particularly when betting is active and a lot of movement occurs within customers betting account.

The thing that may make up for this slight Mybet charge is that there is also customer support through email that is not subject to any charge and it is also easy to use and prompt. This site directs their enquirers to their comprehensive FAQ section that can be found on their website.

There are many questions brought by sports bet customers that are answered in great detail. How does it work on phones? Keep reading this Mybet review to find out.


This is a Well designed website that is quite easy to navigate regardless of who makes use of it. There are Information boxes that guide your way so you can Seamlessly place bets. Their form, Colours, and design are quite tasteful. The usability of the site is something that is being objectively tested plus measured, is trustworthy.

This Mybet online sports betting site has a regularly revised as well as updated web portal that is quite convincing in various experiences. Even sports bettors that are just starting out can quickly navigate their way around the site and can place their first bets without aid.

They have infoboxes and these can be called up regardless of where you are in the site. They are of great assistance. They explain to customers, by making use of a handicap bet, how such special bets operate and when that could be an intriguing bet alternative for customers to the standard three-way bet. You can learn and bet at the same time which is something that customers will be glad to know. Keep reading this Mybet review for more information.

How the site functions on Mobile Devices

This site like any other betting site out there is 100% mobile-friendly and this actually means that you can get your new Mybet account by signing up on your smartphone or even your tablet just as simple as you would be able to do on your laptop, personal desktop PC, or your notebook.

You can even make deposits, place your bets and then cash out just on your mobile device which makes it your personal centre for betting. It doesn’t matter if you are making use of an Apple, Windows, Android phone or tablet you can easily access the site using 4G, LTE, 3G or even wireless connection regardless of where you are at any time.

Sports Coverage

This Mybet online sports betting site offers for football betting are outstanding, as, for the rest of the popular sports types, they can always improve. There is a strong focus on soccer bets and they covered their traditional sporting options. There are lots of available niche sports so there is something for everyone.

The coverage of other sports is not really awesome. The odds that are offered by this site will make you quite pleased, however, it can also do with some improvement. If you particularly enjoy soccer betting overall, as well as special bets where football is concerned, you will like this betting site.

If you check the Sports Bets and Highlights section, you will see that soccer is actually the major sport with betting choices as well as every of the sport’s facets. You can place bets on different popular sports such as ice hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball and handball, the thing is neither of the bets that are available in the lower-league divisions can be like the kind in soccer.

Classic English sports like snooker, darts, cricket, golf and rugby league are found on this site and their betting range is quite respectable. For information on payment methods, keep reading this Mybet review.

In-play Product

This Mybet online sports betting site is focused strongly on football, though there are ice hockey, tennis and basketball too. There is an absence of a live streaming service.

Another low point is that this site did not catch up on time to the vital feature of in-play betting which is by they were struggling a bit with it.

Now, they have a good live product. They are still focused on sports types that have the most turnover like tennis, football, ice hockey as well as basketball. Within the sites in-play product, football takes precedence like many others out there. The site is catching up to live streaming but if it is so important to you, you can always check another betting site.

Payment Methods

It is easy to make deposits while cashing out could use some work. They accept your Credit and debit cards and the site is PayPal supported. There are various prepaid methods available though cashout choices are limited.

When you consider that many other sites as a result of the unclear legal situations, cannot sometimes support the use of PayPal accounts for their deposits or even cash-outs, then this sector in this site’s license is excellent.

It is free of charge to make deposits using PayPal just like it is when you are making deposits with the use of credit cards like MasterCard or even VISA. The only time a free I charged for a payment method is deposits for Paysafecard, which is a prepaid service provider.

About the payment conditions when you want to cash-out, the site can be a little limited. You cannot cash-out to your credit card so it is better to finish cashing out through bank transfer or even Skrill which was formerly called Moneybookers. For information on-site security, keep reading this Mybet review.

Other Products

This Mybet online sports betting site offers attractive distractions to stressed sports bettors. They also have a casino. There is no continuous advertising on the sportsbook and they provide table games. In some sites, additional offers can focus more on these distractions than those for sports bets plus in-play bets.

On this site, the reverse is the case because on the homepage plus within the sports bets as well as the in-play bets aspects, it is about stuff that appeals to sporting bet enthusiasts. When you see hints of additional offers from the site, they come in the form of three barely noticeable menu items that are at the top of their sites page.

So if you want to try out the casino, this is a quick way to quell your curiosity. In addition, they are presented in a lively manner. But if you just want to bet on sports, which really is what most bettors want to do, their side offers will not bother you at all. 


There is no suspicion of scam and it has good security. They have a lot of licenses, certificates, and checkpoints. They prioritize data protection so their security is everything you are looking for in a betting site.

As a result of all these safety precautions, there are no scam suspicions so you can rest easy. Within their menu item marked “Your Safety”, they have so many numerous important certificates and checkpoints that are needed in this line of business.

Because of this, any buzz about professionalism in the betting business is silenced because these people take safety very seriously.

Data protection is well-considered and all users that are interested are informed in good detail about the kin and location of their data storage even up to how the whole data is processed. Keep reading this Mybet review for more information.

Betting Limits

They have a really low bet minimum and the maximum bet limits are low too. The earnings for customers are limited to €30,000 so it might not be very appealing to professional bettors.

About bet limits, the experience on the site might not be really convincing in all vital points and this is as a result of the limited minimum amount they have for placing bets. People who are new to betting or are not professional bettors will find it very suitable.

However, some sports betting experts like to seek something else because of the reduced maximum bet limits that are usually between 3 to 4 digits. This site’s earnings limit for every bet is actually somewhere around 30,000€.

If you would like to find out the particular limit of the bet, they don’t have any feature for that on the site.  However, there is a way around this so you can solve this issue. Just enter in a 6 digit amount like 999,999€ then respond to their limit message that pops up with an enquiry as to the desired bet sum. In general, this is not really suitable for expert sports bettors but new users will love it.

This site has granted users a platform that ensures that sports betting is easy. There welcome bonus is not that encouraging and the in-play betting could use some work but there is more than enough on the site to keep many punters satisfied. The site has exceptional odds on many major football events.

They also have a proper dose of casino games on the site to create some entertainment apart from the major match. Even if it is not perfect, there is enough aspiration to perfection that enabled a recommendation of the betting site to every sports betting fan. So go off to Betway to open your account and start earning.

Summary of the major features on Mybet as addressed in this Mybet review.

They welcome bettors from many countries around the globe. They have betting lines on many of the planet’s well-known sports. They have competitive betting odds, specifically in their soccer lines and their betting limits are quite high enough for punters that come in often or once in a while.

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They have a 24/7 customer care that is contactable through their Live Chat, their email or telephone. They offer in-play betting that makes a number of sports events more interesting. They accept various secure, safe, plus trusted banking methods. They have a live casino that is packed with exciting bonus offers as well as games.